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Arrested Motion
“a comprehensive examination of the city’s lively urban art culture that features many of AM’s favorite New York and internationally-based street artists”

The Dirt Floor Arts and Culture Magazine

The Dirt Floor Arts and Culture Magazine

The Dirt Floor “History will one day thank Jaime Rojo and Steve Harrington for the important work they have done in recording one of the most important art movements of our time. For almost a decade they have photographed and tracked some of the most exciting artists of our generation and have shared with the world on  Their passion is fueled by the firestorm of creativity exploding from the streets of New York and now has now given birth to their newest contribution in the world of street art their newest book.” – Pablo Perez, The Dirt Floor

Friends We Love
“a look at 102 artists from around the world who have left their art-mark on the Big Apple.”

My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses
It’s definitely an awesome and comprehensive visual catalog of the past few years of the street art scene in NYC. Plus, it’s just a good looking solid book. I’m happy to see friends Elbow-Toe, Know Hope and Veng RWK represented in there. Street art is so ethereal and has a very little life, there is something really special about seeing work of friends and other artists you’ve seen on the street before in a permanent place that you can visit. - Meighan O’Toole

Metro New York - click to enlarge

“Jaime and Steven have produced what looks like a fabulous book on their cities glorious street art.” – Martyn Reed,

New York’s known epicenter of art culture, street life, and the pop lifestyle is a uniquely defined unity of all three. The thing about NYC, however, is those three elements are always changing, growing, progressing with time, and so commentary must be continually maintained surrounding the fast-paced world of modern culture. Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington, artists in their own right, met success with the respectable catalog documenting Brooklyn Street Art, so they expanded their scope across the Brooklyn Bridge to the island of greater New York, New York A genuine who’s who of current renowned street artists, this book’s made even better thanks to publishing by Prestel, well reputed for producing classy tomes. The paper’s heavy and fantastic, image colors vibrant and rich, while the selection of photographs and artwork by Rojo and Harrington go unmatched to recent urban art updates. As spelled out by all reviews thus far, “This book is a must-have for anyone with a serious interest in street art todayED, Juxtapoz

The Rathaus
With Banksy recently making TIME’s 2010 Most Influential People, everyone knows that street art is a big deal. But street artists and longtime fans must now face the ever-present and ironic cultural dilemma, where can an underground movement go once it’s no longer underground? Searching through the good, the bad, the originators and the impostors can become overwhelming with increased popularity, especially if you’re new to the scene. Steven P. Harrington and Jamie Rojo, authors of Brooklyn Street Art and founders of, provide newcomers and street art buffs with a vibrant look at the urban art revolution happening on the streets of New York today in their new book Street Art New York.  – Brent Carter and Tricia Rock, The Rathaus

The Street Spot

The Street Spot

The Street Spot
“Street Art New York gets off to a soaring start, with an eloquent foreword from the always witty and on-point cultural journalist & blogger Carolina Miranda. Jaime, a photographer whose honest love of art and beauty shows through in every picture that he takes, expands his mad dash for street art beyond the borough of Brooklyn (as featured in his first collaborative publication with Harrington) to the greater NY area. The result is a vibrant virtual who’s who of street art, featuring approximately 200 images of internationally renowned artists including C215, Os Gemeos, Judith Supine, Skewville, Herakut, Banksy, Nick Walker, and Armsrock. With Street Art New York, our authors prove once again why they have earned a reputation as passionate and discerning curators of the urban arts in galleries, on the streets, and in print. This book is a must have for anyone with a serious interest in what is happening in street art today.” – Becki Fuller, The Street Spot

The Brooklyn Paper

The Brooklyn Paper
Wouldn’t it be nice to experience street art without every having to hit the street?

Steven Harrington and Jaime Rojo took this concept and have turned it into two successful “street art” books, the 2008 debut “Brooklyn Street Art” and their broader new collection, “Street Art New York,” which features more than 100 artists, from established writers to the new kids on the block.

You know the work — hell, it’s ubiquitous — but you don’t often know the names.

Take Skewville, the Brooklyn twins responsible for those dangling wooden sneakers on.. Meredith Deliso, The Brooklyn Paper

Hooked Blog
The list of participating artists thus far is like a who’s who of NY Street Art right now.

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